Cars are meant to drive. Drive Festival is about dream cars driven at speed!

A lion in a cage is much less exciting than one in the wild. At Drive Festival the world’s most exciting cars will open up and unleash all of their performance, downforce and fury on our Dream Car Speed Run. Our features and test-drive opportunities are all about getting you up close to your dream cars.

Garage queens are nice to look at, but our organizers are auto enthusiasts who love to DRIVE. Performance, exotic, race, classic, off-road and luxury we love them all for different reasons. Whatever your automotive passions you can be sure that Drive Festival is inclusive of a fantastic variety of cars from the past, present and future.

We are excited to introduce Drive Festival as Canada’s new automotive experience for all brands. Stay tuned for more features and partnership announcements over the coming months. We are excited to bring our passion for cars and 60 years of combined event experience to Drive Festival and look forward to seeing you!

Thank you,

Adam Ruppel
Co-founder, Manager

Fred Cox
Co-founder, CEO

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