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Electrical Innovation At Drive Festival

Drive Festival will host a dedicated Electrical Vehicle awareness feature showcasing the latest and greatest in electric technology. Experts will be on hand all weekend to answer your questions and share the many benefits of the electrification of the automobile industry, including less dependence on fossil fuels, lower emissions and decreased long-term maintenance costs.

In 2020 EVs represent approximately 3% of all new car sales but this will increase to a forecasted 30% by 2030! Investment in EVs by the automotive industry is in the hundreds of billions.

Never experienced driving an electric or hybrid automobile? No problem! A number of manufacturers will have electric vehicles on hand to test-drive on our Pro-Series Manufacturer Test Track.

Driving or riding in some of the quicker electric car models will give you a new appreciation for their tremendous power delivery. The all-electric Formula E has seen many top manufacturers move their racing and technological to this relatively new race series. Electric technology innovations created for racing have trickled down to passenger cars, including several exotics and hyper-cars that will be display at speed in our Dream Car Speed Run.

With new government regulations, billions invested by automotive companies and a phase-out of internal combustion engines; worldwide adoption of hybrids and electric cars is on an upswing. As charging infrastructure rapidly improves and battery costs decrease while offering longer-range on charge; electrification is here to stay.

Drive Festival is an outdoor dynamic automotive event that has an appreciation of the past and an eye on the future. We are excited to be involved with innovative companies as we educate and inspire consumers on the benefits of automotive electrification.

Happy Motoring,

Adam Ruppel,
Drive Festival, Festival Manager


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