SEPT 8-10 2023

All-New Overland Park

2023 Drive Festival

Overland Park

Get ready to unleash your sense of adventure at the all-new Overland Park. Conquer rugged terrain in new vehicles on the Off-Road Test Track, go with the Trillium Off-Road Club for a ride-along or experience the adrenaline rush of a Kawasaki Side-by-Side Ride Along, all while discovering a world of adventure travel equipment, camping gear, vehicles, and clubs.

At the all-new Overland Park, thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts are invited to embark on an unforgettable journey. The heart-pumping excitement begins as you conquer rugged terrains in new manufacturer vehicles on the challenging Off-Road Test Track, where every twist and turn tests your driving skills and the capabilities of the vehicle. For an additional adrenaline rush, experience the thrill of a Kawasaki Side-by-Side Ride Along, where seasoned drivers take you on a wild and exhilarating ride.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there; Overland Park offers much more to explore. Immerse yourself in a world of adventure travel equipment, from top-of-the-line camping gear to state-of-the-art vehicles perfectly suited to take on any expedition. 

Interactive Features Include:

  • Manufacturer Off-Road Test Drives from Nissan, Kia and Toyota.
  • Kawasaki Side-by-Side Ride Along Rides.
  • Trillium Off-Road Club Recovery Rides – more extreme off-roading for $10 per person or $30 for a vehicle.
  • Can-Am RV Centre will be offering Air Stream Test Drives.
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