Singer Vehicle Design DLS Turbo at Pfaff Booth

Singer Vehicle Design Turbo Study:

In 2022 a new question emerged in collaboration with owners.

“How might the DNA of Porsche’s first ‘Supercar’ evolve for the modern era?”

This led to the Turbo Study, a celebration of the origins of the Porsche 911’s turbocharged heritage, with performance and refinement reimagined for the twenty-first century.

Singer Vehicle Design DLS Turbo

For 2023, in response to requests from clients, Singer has evolved the Dynamics & Lightweighting Study (DLS) to incorporate turbocharging.

The process begins when the owner of a Type 964 Porsche 911 sends their car to Singer with the request to carry out a personalized restoration.

These latest restoration services result in the Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer – DLS Turbo.

A limited number of restorations will be commissioned, in collaboration with owners, celebrating the victorious 934/5 endurance racers of the 1970s.


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