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Test Tracks

Test Tracks at

Bookings available on site, or in advance for select manufacturers. Full details will be provided to registered attendees early August 2022.
Drive Festival provides you with the unique opportunity to test-drive vehicles on one of our 3 exclusive test-tracks. No other automotive festival in Canada offers this kind of interactive experience!
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Manufacturer test track

No construction, and congestion, on this closed-course country meander.

This 3 km country drive will get you acquainted with manufacturer cars in a safe and controlled environment. Designed around a real-world country drive with a couple of moderate turns, and controlled speed means this closed roadway is suitable for anyone with a valid driver’s license. A variety of manufacturer cars will be available including electric, hybrid, SUVs, cars and trucks.

Off-Road test track

Where you are going there are no roads, only adventure.

Our Off-Road Test Track isn’t for the squeamish as these gullies, ditches, dunes and drop-offs challenge manufacturer SUVs and trucks on our 1.5 km loop or 2.5 km extended loop.

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Performance test track

Experience the ultimate rush as you test drive sports, muscle and performance cars with professional instructors around our 2.88 km closed-circuit driver development track.

An autocross-style course is also available to get the ultimate feel for other sporty cars in a controlled and safe environment.

Manufacturers will have different processes to book test-drives with some offering advanced booking and others on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Age restrictions may be in place.
  • Drivers must have a full G license at a minimum.
  • Zero tolerance for alcohol or drugs while test-driving a vehicle at Drive Festival.
  • Breathalyzers will be applied before you are allowed to drive.

Supercar Experiences on the Continental Tire Performance Test Track

Run a test drive in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren or Porsche on our Continental Tire Performance Test Track!

There is zero tolerance for any liquor or drugs when driving any test-drive cars on our test tracks. You will need to register 0.0 on a breathalyzer.

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